Akil Thomas X Ghana X Canada

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Made in Toronto to support Jamestown (Accra), this display was crafted in a collaborative effort between Ghana, Canada & Akil Thomas. Created by the MSNLazer team and Akil himself, the 1 of 1 (low) table display features a live edge flooding with Red Manitoba Maple top, carbon fiber wrapped to display, and an intricately detailed graphic bringing the two passionate countries together.

The sock is 1 of 2 Akil Thomas gold medal hero socks. The cap is an authentic tribal cap, direct from Accra, donated by MSNLazer's Collins Frimpong. The fabrics, art, tradition, passion, and love are all intertwined in this keepsake to create a unique piece perfect for any collector or fan. 

Preserve a unique piece of history with this one of a kind piece.