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Lazer PR consists of the largest network of athletic talent out there. By leveraging this network of influencers, Lazer PR works alongside brands and companies to create impactful content that helps brands reach their target audience.

MSN Lazer Athletes

Why Lazer PR?

Beyond access to competitive and influential talent, Lazer PR provides the opportunity to Group Purchase athletes, giving companies the ability to capture larger social media audiences in an authentic and organic manner.

Our athletic influencers' genuine review creates far more interest from audiences than your standard advertisement. The audience - made up of your exact, ideal clients/customers - trusts our influencers and takes their opinion into account when making their purchasing decisions.

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Utilizing Influencer Campaigns Makes Sense (and... dollars). Lazer PR campaigns result in generating:

• Brand Awareness

• Building Brand Identity

• Audience Building

• Engagement

• Lead Generation

• Sales

• Customer Loyalty

• Link Building

Our Impressive Roster of Athletes Includes:

It's A Win-Win Situation.

The average cost per engagement for micro-influencers is much lower than typical macro-influencers and celebrities. We take care of everything for you; discovery, negotiation, payments, agreements, and strategy.

Our Partners:

MSN Lazer Partners

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