Project Ghana 2020 Auction!

You've heard about GROW YOUR GAME. 

Now, Akil Thomas and MSNLazer have partnered up to CHANGE THE GAME by auctioning off this one of a kind piece of very special memorabilia to raise money for Project Ghana this holiday season. 


Made in Toronto to support Jamestown (Accra), this one of a kind display was crafted in a collaborative effort between Ghana, Canada & Akil Thomas. Created by the MSNLazer team and Akil himself, the 1 of 1 (low) table display features a live edge flooding with Red Manitoba Maple top, carbon fibre wrapped display and an intricately detailed graphic bringing the two passionate countries together. The sock is 1 of 2 Akil Thomas gold medal hero socks. The cap is an authentic tribal cap, direct from Accra, donated by MSNLazer's Collins Frimpong. The fabrics, art, tradition, passion, and love are all intertwined in this keepsake to create a unique piece perfect for any collector or fan. 

Preserve a unique piece of history, create awareness, and become a changemaker. 


Project Ghana 2020 is powered by The DNA Brand, raising money to support an orphanage of 193 kids in Jamestown, Ghana to experience their first-ever Christmas. A local hero named Addo rescued these orphans from the streets of Jamestown and now, for the first time ever, these children have access to shelter and food.

Helping these children is a start to making a positive change in the world, with your help we can change the world starting with these children. These lives matter.  Anything is everything to these beautiful people in need of our attention. 

100 percent of the proceeds from this auction will directly provide food, shelter, and a Christmas to look forward to. 


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