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Skeptical? Okay, just hear us out! Better yet, read on about Scott Fitchett of MSN Lazer and his experience once he integrated an AP Lazer to his athletic branding business.

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Less than a week away until Christmas, millions of children around the globe, naughty or nice, will wake up without gifts. That’s why MSNLazer has partnered with Project Ghana, bringing the kids the train sets and bicycles they deserve. Project Ghana is a charitable initiative started by Akil Thomas’ family to raise money for an orphanage in Ghana where local hero, Addo, took in 193 abandoned boys and girls off the streets of Jamestown. This year Addo and Project Ghana plan to provide some Christmas cheer for the first time ever in their young lives. The Christmas spirit goes strong...

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Getting to the NHL may be a start. But partnering with MSNLazer will punch your ticket to the promise land.

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