Meeting the Newest Member(s) of MSNLazer

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Meeting the Newest Member(s) of MSNLazer


As the world sits still in quarantine, MSNLazer is now here to provide the content and entertainment you didn’t know you need. Like most in this global pandemic, I was serving my second sentence under house arrest. Then after a phone call – I was granted my freedom.  I partnered up with MSNLazer and the game was changed forever.  

First day on the job I was fed to the wolves. I walked in HQ and was ambushed with the task of interviewing the face of MSNLazer and World Junior sensation, Akil Thomas. Now I’m not saying Akil has gone Hollywood. But I was told he will be leaving Germany for LA this coming weekend and that he could be
tough to get a hold of. Blindsided and unprepared, I removed my jacket and we dialed AT. Thankfully I was able to comb over his Wikipedia page while we made several attempts to connect to the Deutschland airwaves.  

On the third attempt, the LA King’s prospect picked up the phone and the interview was everything you expected - some colour and personality with minimal structure and professionalism (now known as the MSNLazer difference).  

As a Neil boy, I was skeptical of interviewing a St. Mikes kid. But Thomas assured me he only played junior varsity and after a season he left for Upper Canada College. We covered a lot in a half hour. Everything from his distaste for authentic German schnitzel to his latest business ventures in media and apparel. Now although Oktoberfest 2020 was cancelled, Akil still managed to find a lot of value in his short stay. Without the help of steins and schnitzel, he was able to put on 20 pounds of weight to bring back to LA training camp. Prior to Germany, AT spent his summer in downtown Toronto and when he wasn’t training with other prospects, he was blowing off steam on the rooftop patio at The Madison
Avenue Pub.  Now The Maddy may be a fixture for post-secondary students on a shoe string budget, however it’s an unlikely destination for a rising star. But Akil is a common man.  

And what do common men do? 

We start sport podcasts because there is never enough. Thomas launched his podcast Soul on Ice in the middle of the pandemic and it has rapidly climbed the charts. On the most recent episode, Bob McKenzie said that he believes Akil will be the eleventh black player from Scarborough to play in the NHL. I strongly agree with the Bob Father but know AT will be wildly successful on or off the ice in whatever path he chooses. 

Getting to the NHL may be a start. But partnering with MSNLazer will punch your ticket to the promise land.

Steven Williams