Getting To Know Glenn: The Professor Playing for MSN Lazer

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Getting To Know Glenn: The Professor Playing for MSN Lazer

Now I would never throw this label around lightly - but Glenn Clark is the ultimate Canadian. I don’t make the rules but when you are one of the few athletes to professionally play lacrosse and hockey – you undisputedly hold that title. Now combine his athletic achievements with his occupation off the field as a PE teacher and you have The Professor.  A bit of a double entendre as Mr. Clark stays schooling us on and off the field.

I’ve never had Glenn as a gym teacher but something tells me he’s not big on the parachute games and strongly prefers the climbing rope, wall bar or any other character building activities. Happily retired from teaching in 2019 and currently the head coach of New England Black Wolves and Team Canada, The Professor has now shifted all his focus to growing the game of lax.

After retiring from semi-pro hockey in the mid 90’s, Glenn became a driving force for the Toronto Rock, winning five of their six NLL championships and earning two all-star nods during his tenure. Local folklore tells us that the Rock and Maple Leafs had to change facilities after the Rock’s championship run in 2000 because The Professor blew the roof off the old Maple Leaf Gardens. Clarke’s final playing season came in 2006 and after a third all-star appearance, he put down the lacrosse stick and picked up the clipboard, accepting a coaching position with the Toronto Rock.

Was this another classic case of a young, decorated athlete naively taking on the role of head coach?

Yes it was and after two losing seasons with Toronto, he was replaced as head coach and took a coaching sabbatical from professional lacrosse.  But retirement was never an option for the man who has seen success at every level in his field –other than coaching. Then after a few close calls in some overly competitive student-faculty games, Glenn realized he needed to make a coaching comeback, returning behind the bench in 2015 for the New England Black Wolves.

Now sitting atop of the lacrosse world and first place in the NLL, Coach Clarke has gone full circle and should be an inspiration to all of us. I may even add a second N to Steven after learning about the ultimate Canadian.

Steven Williams